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Changing exposed model type field name

You can also change the name of the model type fields exposed in GraphQL Schema. To achieve this, just put the @TypeGraphQL.field doc line above the model field definition in schema.prisma file, e.g:

model User {
id Int @default(autoincrement()) @id
/// @TypeGraphQL.field(name: "emailAddress")
email String @unique
posts Post[]

This will result in the following GraphQL schema representation:

type User {
id: Int!
emailAddress: String!
posts: [Post!]!

All generated CRUD and relations resolvers fully support this feature and they map under the hood the original prisma property to the renamed field exposed in schema.

The same goes to the resolvers input types - they will also be emitted with changed field name, e.g.:

input UserCreateInput {
emailAddress: String!
posts: PostCreateManyWithoutAuthorInput

The emitted input type classes automatically map the provided renamed field values from GraphQL query into proper Prisma input properties out of the box.