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In the GitHub repository you can find a few examples of using the TypeGraphQL Prisma integration:

  1. Prototyping - the workflow of using the generator that creates TypeGraphQL artifacts from Prisma schema and creating a GraphQL schema with all CRUD operation

  2. Basic - demonstrating how you can create custom methods or custom fields

  3. Picking Actions - demonstrating how you can choose certain Prisma actions to be exposed in the GraphQL schema

  4. Nest JS - showcase of combining typegraphql-prisma with typegraphql-nestjs to expose TypeGraphQL-Prisma2 artifacts as GraphQL schema using Nest JS

To run some example, simply go to the subdirectory, install the dependencies (npm i) and then start the server (npm start).

Each subdirectory contains a examples.gql file with a predefined GraphQL queries that you can use in GraphQL Playground (http://localhost:4000) and play with them by modifying it's shape and data.